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At Ballers Sports Agency LLC, we are not just an agency; we are a beacon of aspiration for athletes around the world. With years of industry experience, we’ve developed a blueprint for your success, crafting bespoke strategies to catapult you to heights unseen. The dynamic world of sports waits for no one, and with Ballers by your side, you’re not just keeping up; you’re setting the pace. Our mission goes beyond contracts and sponsorships; we are here to forge legends, guiding talents from potential to pinnacle.

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André Wheeler

From Tennessee’s heartlands, André Wheeler’s story stands as a testament to talent and tenacity. In high school, he shone brightly on the football field, earning an athletic scholarship at Tennessee-Martin. His crowning moment came in 1988 when his team seized the Gulf South Conference championship, challenging Texas A & I in the Division II national finale. Impressively, four of André’s teammates were drafted to the NFL, while three others inked contracts — an unparalleled feat for a Division II squad of that era.

Blending his on-field prowess with academic excellence, André’s journey led to a prominent legal career. Here, he championed countless dreams, proving his worth both in sports and the courtroom.

Now, at Ballers Sports Agency, André’s rich tapestry of experiences guides athletes through the intricate world of sports, positioning them for success. Let his story be your inspiration, fueling your ascent to greatness.